Thu 29 September 2016

6 Clash Royale Hacks And Tips To Help You Win

Posted by Bill in clash royale   

Clash Royale hacks and tips will allow you to become a winner on the battlefield, whether you are a newbie or an old hand. Although the game is easy to understand, it has depth and nuance. Below are six tips to help you play better:

1. Balance your Clash Royale deck

Make sure your deck contains a balance of units to stand the different assaults: splash damage units, long distance weapons, and tanks.

2. Use units that only assault towers

Special units are created specifically to attack towers, like the river-leaping Hog Rider and the slow but strong Giant. Having one of these in your deck is helpful because they are resolutely focused and are not diverted should your competition place a unit nearby on the battlefield.

3. Decide on the best units

Avoid send out solo units, or they will only get bashed. Instead, decide on the best pairs that can be more powerful together. Giants take a lot of battering, so place them in front, shielding the latter until they get to a tower.

4. Consider using spells

Spells help boost troops and deter advances in Clash Royale. One of the best spells is 'freeze', which blocks opposition troops for several seconds.

5. Use swarms to take down the enemy

Trading elixir is a Clash Royale hack that can help you win the game easy, and swarms will assist you even though they are helpless to fireballs, arrows and bar toughened Barbarians.

6. Play Clash Royale with volume on

This tip is not a Clash Royale hack, but a simple way of keeping track of what's goings on that without taking your eyes of a target or object. Like audio cues when a unit is down or when a Hog rider enters the game.